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San Antonio, Texas


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Trailer Parts

Freedom Hauler

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17.5, 22.5 & 24.5

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Mobile axle replacement

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Trailer Tires

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Trailer Parts

3500# Axles Complete with Hubs  Total Prices

Idler Axle     $145       Brake Axle $265      Drop axle add $30,  Ubolt kit $12

5200, 6000, 7000, 8000, 12,000 and 15,000# axles are available also.

Text or Email for pricing.

Rim only Prices

12 inch wheel 4 and 5 lug - Silver mod and White Spoke $27

13 inch wheel - 4 lug White Spoke, 5 lug - Silver Mod, Black or White Spoke  $31

14 inch Wheels, 5 lug Silver Mod or White spoke  $34  Galvanized Spoke  $44

15 inch 5 lug wheels have 4 different Bolt pattern sizes

4 1/2 and 5 inch, Black Mod, Silver Mod, White Spoke,    $34

4 3/4 inch Silver Mod only  $34

5 1/2 inch White spoke only    $34

15 inch 6 lug Wheels

 Silver Mod, Black Mod or White Spoke   $38

16 Inch Wheels

6 lug,  Silver Mod  $55

8 lug, Silver Mod or White Spoke $55

Dual,  8 lug 4.75" Pilot hole in stock (4.88" special order)   $67

(I will mount and balance your Loose Tires on my new wheels up to 16 inch

$7 ea. if bring it to me)

Total out the door prices     Tire and Wheel Info click here

*First price is for the tire only.

Installation available. $9 each if you bring rims to me, Includes mounting, balancing, new valve stem.
$20 each if I come to you. (If you are in my area). Save $3/tire if you provide electricity so I don't have to bring my generator.  $2.50/tire disposal.

**Second Price is for Tire and wheel/rim Assembly includes Balancing


ST175-80R13 Freedom Hauler Steel Belted Radial, 1350 lbs Load C........$46*........$72**

ST175-80R13 Trailer King, Steel Belted Radial, 1610 lbs. Load D....$49*......$76**

ST205-75D14 All Star Bias 6 ply rating 1760 lbs. Load C .........$44*......$77**

ST205-75R14 Trailer King, 8-PR Steel Belted Radial 2040 lbs Load D....$59*....$91**..Galvanized..$100**

ST205-75D15 AllStar, Bias ply, 6 ply rating, 1820 lbs. Load C......$46*.......$78**

ST205-75R15 Trail Quest, Steel Belted Radial, 1820 lbs. Load C $53*....$84** 

ST205-75R15 , Zeemax,  Steel Belted radial, 8 PR rating, 2150 lbs Load D........$63*......$96**

ST225-75R15 Trail Quest, 8 PR, Steel Belted Radial, 2540 lbs, Load D $65*.... $95** 5 Lug

ST225-75R15 Freedom Hauler, 10PR Steel Belted Radial 2830 lbs Load E $71*....... $105** 6 lug

ST225-75R15 Zeemax, 10 PR, Steel Belted Radial, 2830 lbs, Load E  $75* ....$111** 6 Lug

ST225-75R15 Freedom Hauler 12 PR, All Steel, Load F....$135* .....$168** 6 lug

ST235-80R16 TrailQuest, Steel Belted radial 10 PR  3520/3080 lbs Load E....$83*....$130** Single... $145 Dual‚Äč

ST235-80R16 Freedom Hauler, All Steel Radial, 14 PR, 4000/3750 lbs, Load G .....$139*....$200** Single... $212 Dual

ST235-80R16 Freedom Hauler, Radial, 16 PR,  Load L.....$158*..$212 Single..$221 Dual

ST235-85R16 Zeemax Express II, Steel belted radial, 14 ply, Load G ...$125* ... $176** Single ....$186 Dual (out)
ST235-85R16 Freedom Hauler 14PR All Steel radial, 4400/3850 lbs Load G......$153*.........$200** Single... $213 Dual

The All Steel tires are Much Better than the Standard Tire

ST205-90D15 Zeemax, 10 Ply Rating, Load range E, 2910 lbs.... $77* ....$106** 5 lug......$110** 6 lug

Limited Supply, Check for Availability
750-16 or
ST225-90D16 ZeeMax, 10 PR, bias, Load Range E, 3440/3020 lbs ....$90* ....$142** Single... $157 Dual
ST225-90R16 Zeemax, 14 PR, Radial, Load Range G 4300 lbs.....$127*...$175**Single... $188 Dual
ST225-90R16 Zeemax, 14 PR, All Steel Radial, Load G 4400 lbs.....$145*....$193**Single... $203 Dual

*First price is for the tire only.
**Second Price is for Tire and wheel/rim Assembly

Total prices, out the door.